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We also provide low cost Automation solutions for Manual lines using dedicated small PLCs. We also provide Prototype Fixtures, Checking Fixtures and Piercing Fixtures. We are in designing as well as in manufacturing of the welding fixtures and delivering consistent quality to our customer. Starting from the manually operated fixtures to the Robotic weld lines our team is capable to handle all kind of welding fixtures. We started from the weld lines for two wheeler and now we have also stepped into the four wheeler. We are proud to say that we have worked for worldwide renowned companies.

Manual Welding Lines

Lean Automation offers the complete range of services related to a Manual Weld Line starting from Process Planning based on JPH requirement to Manufacturing, Assembly, Certification Tryout and Installation at Customer Site.

Expertise related to Process Planning, Layout including Structures and KBK for Weld guns and Ergonomy which plays a crucial role in Manual Lines is available under one roof at Lean Automation. As is Selection of Manual Weld guns and defining the parameters required according to panel thickness and Inter Station Transfers.

Welds in pipe or tube using manual welding processes such as manual metal arc (MMA), MIG, MAG,TIG, Plasma or cored wire welding equipment in accordance with instructions and/or approved welding procedures.

It covers the use of multiple welding processes such as root TIG and fill with MMA or MMA root and flux core fill. You will be required to check that all the work holding equipment and manipulating devices required are available and in a usable condition. You will be expected to set up the welding equipment ensuring that all the leads/cables, hoses and wire feed mechanisms are securely connected and free from damage. In preparing to weld you will need to set and adjust the welding conditions in line with the welding procedure specification. You must operate the equipment safely and correctly and make any necessary adjustments to settings in order to produce the welded joints to the required specification.