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Fixtures and gauges available for a large variety of plastic and metal parts such as: Instrument panels, Interior trim, Seating, HVAC, Chassis components, Body panels, Door seals, and trim.

These fixtures control the components composing a rear lamp - or headlamp -, that is the housing and lens of the part. possibility of mounting the trunk and fender fixtures together, to check the proper fitting of both parts on the car.

Sub-Assembly Checking Fixtures

All checking fixtures are designed for accuracy, repeatability and reliability with a strong focus on operator ergonomics. Lean automation offers assembly and checking fixtures for vehicle frames and body sub-assemblies, single component fixtures for all metal and plastic parts, flush and feeler gap checking, mating part simulation and three axis true position probing.

Headlamps and rear lamps are components particularly difficult to check: apart from their dimensional conformity, they must be able to stand the climate and vibration conditions they will exposed to during the car useful life. Consequently, we propose to our customers three types of fixtures for these parts: complete checking fixtures - for lamps assemblies -, test fixtures - to be used on test laboratories -, and sub-assemblies checking fixtures - for the lamps components.

Headlamps and rear lamps fixture usually have a number of dial indicator points ranging between 6 to 12 points, which implies a relatively long cycle time. Using CAPTOR-S for this kind of fixtures helps reducing the risk of faulty measurements, the cycle time, and thus helps repaying on a shorter term the checking fixture.

Our checking fixtures are produced in aluminum, the components submitted to wear-and-tear are produced in steel. Tolerances for RPS (fixation points) and dial indicator points: ±0.05mm. Tolerances for simulation blocks: ±0.1mm.

Minimum documentation Delivered: dimensional report of your checking fixture, 2D assembly drawing, assembly CAD. Optional documentation: R&R report, user manual, stabilization certificate.