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1.Inspection of inwards parts – The manufactured parts are received from variour suppliers and is inspected thoroughly to meet the tolerences specified by the costumer.

2.Painting – after the parts are certified, they are put for painting/ coating process.

3. Assembly- After the paint is completed, the assembly teams starts the assembly of the fixture as specified in the GA drawing.

During the assembly process the team has to take care of various aspects like tolerances maintenance, paint quality, Shimming adjustments and torque marking.


Advanced material technologies is utilised in development of each and every machine part, appropriate quality checks are performed at each stage of production. Due to the diverse nature of robots, integration in a variety of areas is made possible. Areas include virtually every industry and robotic application including:

  • Precision part handling
  • Arc welding
  • Assembly
  • Clean room
  • Coating
  • Dispensing
  • Material cutting (laser, plasma, & waterjet)
  • Material handling (diecast, machine loading, packaging, palletizing, part transfer, & press tending)
  • Material removal (deburring, polishing, & sanding)
  • Spot welding

With integration, adherence to established quality controls and assembly practices are easily maintained. Whether retrofitting an existing machine or working with a concept for a clean sheet design, Setpoint has a proven track record of providing turn-key robotic systems.